How to give a pet remedy the right way?

How to give a pet remedy the right way?

Giving medicine for pets is a complex activity and often unpredictable - for people. After all, every little animal behaves in a way, and they almost never seem open to understand that this is something beneficial for them.

This, however, does not exclude the need to medicate them, consult a veterinarian, follow strict guidelines and their fight against the malaise of your cat or dog to improve quickly.

Many people abuse the creativity to overcome the difficult genius of the bug, but in some cases, the alternative can not be a good idea to reduce the effectiveness of the active principle of the drug - such as tablets dissolve in water.

So we gather in this post everything you need to know about giving medicine to pet, as some tips to medicate them, the significance of the vet figure to diagnose properly and even the risk of trying fazê- it on their own.

Find out how to remedy pet can be difficult, but it is a difficulty required to overcome every kind of health problem that affects our little friends!

I need to give medicine to my pet, and now?

There are those who only tremble to imagine the effort to deal with the list of medicines given by the veterinary surgeon.

Especially when it consists of tablets and liquid, which makes the biggest challenge, since dogs and cats are wont to close his mouth when they realize our intention.

In this way, it happens some consequences that can be quite harmful to the pet, such as:

  • incorrect administration of medicine
  • inattention, which may result in the dog or cat spit the drug later
  • wrong dosage, often due to the difficulty in ministering all like to a liquid medicine, affecting the quality of treatment
  • creative solutions and successful, but that may prevent or reduce the efficiency of the active ingredient of each remedy.

In other cases, people - or even the vet - do not look to know the best way to administer a remedy for pet, which leads to the aforementioned problems.

So let us start with the basics: the differentiation of the two main types of drugs used, which is the tablet and the drug suspension (liquid).

The first is routinely prescribed for adult animals (although it is not a rule) because they are easier to ingest the dragée - besides being possible to hide the drug in a large enough food.

The liquid medicine, in turn, is considered easier for many people who rely even with a greater willingness pet. The difficulty, however, is to observe whether the proper dosage has been applied.

What is the importance of taking the pet to the vet?

If you find it difficult to give remedy for pet, know that your battle is not fought without company: many see the task as something stressful (for the puppy) and end up managing the treatment the wrong way.

Some even start treatment and who abandon it halfway, because he thinks that the stress in the dog or cat is not worth the attempts to make them ingest the drug.

It turns out, by the need to use some sort of remedy for pet, the case is serious and needs to be treated with patience and discipline. Mainly because the animals are able to communicate with us, but with some limitations.

As an example, there are those who abandon the treatment find that the pet is better and will not stressing it, when in fact, the symptoms only decreased.

Even so, we have mentioned the importance of the veterinary this process . After all, he understands the best ways to achieve better management of medicines, in addition to more technical knowledge and tools that allow accurate diagnosis.

Hence the importance to take your pet to the vet regularly, which helps prevent all kinds of disease, strengthen the immune system and also to observe any situation that may interfere with the health and quality of life of their fellows.

Moreover, this high frequency helps identify new ways to take good care of the pet and even analyze more efficiently any symptoms he present, since this exchange of knowledge is crucial at a veterinary consultation.

But with regard to the application of the remedy for pet, it is worth reading the package insert / labeling of the drug, as this helps to find a lot of important information, such as:

  • the average dosage to be administered to animals of different sizes
  • the route of administration
  • what to do in case of incorrect administration of the dosage
  • the minimum and the maximum for which the product must be used.

All this, however, precedes the time you need to find the best solution to give the medicine to your pet - something that we will see the mountains in the following topic!

How to give medicine to pet?

When the vet is not around and it is the moment of truth between you and your puppy, it is important to remain calm and not get stressed, as this helps to contribute to the pet's anxiety to free herself from his embrace with beneficial intentions, but beyond cuddle.

The most popular solution is to attempt to hide the pill in a snack (like a piece of bread), but the acumen of some animals - especially cats and dogs - can place to lose your strategy.

Not to mention that, as already mentioned, there are remedies that can not be crushed or have its film removed to dilute in water, for example. This can interfere with treatment and, consequently, the health of your pet.

There will then some tips for you that you want to learn how to give medicine to pet:

  • ask the veterinarian about the possibility of thinning, grinding or mask the medicine into nibbles
  • if treatment is long, a good idea is to associate the drug schedules with positive actions, as a snack a petting session, walks (who even help to expend the energy of the destroyer dog ) or games
  • cats can be real challenges to administer the medication, but it is easier to open their mouths and put the medicine beyond the reach of his tongue, because it prevents them feel the often unpleasant taste of the product;
  • to avoid that painful unhada while trying to escape, take your cat on your lap and wrap it in a towel
  • if you want (and can) to mask the medicine in snacks (like bread, sausage or meat, etc.), give, at first, the snack without remedy. The second piece in place the tablet;
  • a third piece of snack is welcome as a reward for the animal, reaffirming the positive aspect of the task
  • careful with antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline that have in their compositions, they should not be taken with milk and dairy products because calcium impairs the absorption of the active ownership of the product
  • if you can, the most efficient and recommended method is to place the pet between your legs, raise the muzzle them, open your mouth and put the medicine beyond the reach of language, massaging the neck region then
  • for liquid medicines, the situation is similar, but if the animal rejects the direct measurement, one should put the medicine in a needleless syringe to administer the treatment in the animal.

We see how there are many ways to tempt your pet, causing drug administration is not a real storm?

To make it easier, we will also teach an efficient method to open the mouth of their dogs and cats, if you are interested in using the practical way to medicate them:

deposit one hand on the animal's snout, with the help of your fingers to lift the lips and teeth;
with the other hand to hold the tablet between the thumb and forefinger, using the middle finger to hold the mouth open animal (at its bottom);
put the medicine deep down in their language, so that it is difficult to spit out the pill.

The method is similar to liquid, as we have seen, then it may be that your job easier and you can forgo fancy techniques to give medicine to pet.

It is possible to remedy manipulated to pet?

It is not recent use of compounded drugs to treat and prevent a number of diseases. Now, pet, history can be a curious novelty.

Further because the manipulated can be made for a more personalized way deal - from the preparation of a formula tailored - to meet your needs and other special features, such as:

  • specifications of treatment
  • needs that particular animal may have
  • adjust the optimal dosage, so that you have the right size for your pet
  • weight and size of the animal.

Moreover, it is possible to make this type of medicine appreciate the right dose based on the need of a substance to qualify treatment. And it reduces waste of drugs that are in stock, when finalized the medication period.

After all, the remedies are thought manipulated according to the days and doses will be needed until the pet puppy is with the Health day. Not to mention shapes, textures and varied flavors can be thought of reducing the bitterness, for example, and to facilitate the administration of medicines.

Our recommendation in such cases is to check with your veterinarian the opportunity to replace conventional medicines by manipulated - provided that benefits this change, of course.

But something that helps reinforce how this alternative is beneficial to give remedy for pet is the result of a study applied by the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Animals Products (Abinpet) .

In it, it became clear that the turnover of the pet branch of nearly R $ 15 billion in 2012 and the expected descent of these figures for the following years are great indications that it is quite possible to make this change - and how it can contribute to the maintenance the health of their pets.

It is also explained here about the importance of using only veterinary medicines that are registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

That's because this is the regulator of this type of medication and brings in its demands, every kind of care and attention that must be taken and guaranteed so that the products retain their efficacy and safety.

So you make sure also that you have the best alternative and solution to the maladies they involve a their pets.

So refuse all kinds of medicine you have not passed the technical accuracy of MAP and even the prescription pills, it is forbidden to use any veterinary product manipulated without your permission.

Why follow to the letter the vet's guidelines?

You may find that administer medicine to pet is a difficult task, but the consequences of misuse and ignore other veterinarian's recommendations are even worse.

In many cases, which can be seen is the delay in the effectiveness of treatment, deterioration in the clinical picture of your pet or even more drastic situations such as the death of the animal.

Therefore, following veterinary advice is key to a more agile and effective treatment. Mainly because it is not a simple random requirement.

After all, today, medicine is increasingly aligned with the concepts of chronopharmacology that come crumbling slowly that notion that we can medicate the animals "twice a day" for example, anytime.

Thus, the idea lies in strict compliance with established schedules and also the duration of treatment, since both will contribute to the therapeutic effects are maximized and all kinds of collateral risk minimized.

What is chronopharmacology?

The technique - an amalgamation of three Greek words: chrono (time), drug (medicine) and logy (science) - is to provide more efficiency and safety in the administration of drugs, so that their concentration has longer in the body, aligning with the biological rhythms of each patient.

The popularization of this science is due to differences between every living being when it comes to the influence of environmental phenomena in our biological rhythm. As an example, we can mention:

  • the seasons of the year
  • Moon phases
  • the fluctuations of the tides
  • the periods of day and night

This is because these external and periodic agents may interfere with the functioning of the body. And with chronopharmacology, everything is designed so that the active ingredient of the drug is absorbed in the best possible way.

Thus, it is possible to get a much more immediate and positive response, given that the orientation of the veterinarian to give medicine to pet at certain times - and for a certain period of time - it takes such factors into account.

Therefore, each remedy should be administered at the right time, which also reduces the risk side, as already mentioned. It is a combination of elements in detail designed to improve pet health and also reduce certain negative aspects of treatment.

Why the diagnosis and homemade medicine are not good solutions?

If you have read our post here, you must have understood that the veterinarian has an important part in the treatment of their pets.

It is for people who care for the puppy follow their guidelines, because no one better than the veterinary surgeon to assess the best drugs, the best times and duration of administration of tablets or liquid medicines.

So it is dangerous to judge one or another symptom is enough for you to present a diagnosis of the type of illness that your dog or cat may be suffering.

Not to mention that the wrong diagnosis and improper choice of medication to manage the disease may worsen the condition of the animal, which will consequently require a longer and more specific treatment other needs resulting from this error.

Why look for a medical-veterinary and what is the importance of listening to him?

Unlike different services for pets , which are aimed at more convenience, practicality, safety and pleasure for them, the veterinary surgeon is the figure that has everything at hand to understand what has happened to the body of his fellow.

From this consultation, have the diagnosis, prescription of treatment and the appropriate remedies. So after a visit to the vet, why not hear it?

After all, he understands what must be done so that the result is as effective as possible. Of course you have the right to disagree, after all, no one is infallible and can make mistakes, but ignore the recommendations and guidelines that ultimately leads hell responsibility for you.

The most interesting thing in these cases is to use the doctor of veterinary knowledge to summarize all of your questions and notes on solutions and understanding of what will be done with your puppy or kitten, for example.

In this way, you will about care to make the best decision regarding the health of your pet - as we have talked about.

Also, remember to consult a professional for each change you have thought over the treatment and not condisser with what was prescribed.

And if you do not agree at all with the diagnosis or recommended treatment, it is always worth to have a second professional opinion, something much better than following intuition or advice from people who have little knowledge of the subject.

For you to understand the importance of hearing the opinion and advice of your veterinarian, check out some of the problems that can happen as a result of home diagnosis and applying the wrong remedies - as made for human medicines:

Wrong Remedies

Here, difficulties can get the choice of remedies, because when the choice is inappropriate, you can aggravate the health problems of the animal. Not to mention that some remedies that are used to take are strictly prohibited to them, such as:

  • pain relievers (such as aspirin and paracetamol popular)
  • antidepressants
  • anti-inflammatories (such as piroxicam, diclofenac and ibuprofen)
  • antiseptics via urine (as is the case of active principles or sepurim pirydium)
  • mouthwashes (the enxaguantes and anesthetics used for oral hygiene and relief from neck)
  • nasal decongestants and cold medicine also.

They are therefore toxic drugs and with a much higher dose - in some cases - the necessary or safe for pets, which can cause even acute failure of some organs, causing them to death.

Accidental ingestion of medicines for human

Just as we keep medicines out of reach of children, it is important to keep them away from your cat or dog curiosity.

Now, in the event that accidental ingestion, make sure your pet has symptoms such as:

  • seizure
  • diarrhea
  • breathlessness
  • abdominal pain
  • lack of appetite
  • severe prostration
  • vomiting.

Having one or more conditions such as those mentioned above, take your pet to the veterinary immediately and avoid applying homemade solutions to remedy the situation.

Learn how to give medicine to pet us

And then, what do you think of this post? The information was important to help you take proper care of your pet pet?

Hopefully now you understand perfectly how the vet is an important figure in the treatment of their animals as well as the possibilities for drugs that you can find, and especially some techniques to facilitate the application.

But if you have been in any doubt about it or want to know a little more about how to give medicine to pet without stressing it or stressing yourself, contact us and check out all that the Pata Pata can do for your dear fellow!


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